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Since 1998, West Coast Arts Foundation has taken pride in supporting the development of young artists and those artists whose dreams have yet to come to fruition. WCAF provides an affordable venue for the development of new works and is the only venue of it's kind in Marin. WCAF networks with playwrights, choreographers, filmmakers, composers, singers, dancers, poets and more, to offer a place in which one can experiment and produce new works. 

WCAF's seasoned artists concert series and performances help to inspire young artists in residence.  
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A Film Project:
​   -Written and Produced by Margot Jones

Encore for Ruby is a whimsical tour through the memories of Ruby Asquith Christensen, whose colorful career as a ballerina embodies the history of Dance in America. 

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​​​"I look forward to an America which rewards achievement 
in the Arts as we reward achievement in business." 
John F Kennedy

I dreamt one day that I would write a wonderful tale. One filled with humor, uplifting music and dance. A story for the whole family. "Beneath the Dragonwood Trees," is a musical comedy fairy tale, written and composed by myself with unforgettable characters. Here is my story, my dream, my movie project.

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Beneath the Dragon Wood Trees

   --written & produced by Margot Jones

Dance Classes for Children and Adults Alike

   --with Margot Jones

Film Projects

   --written & produced by Margot Jones


"As a Director and a writer it is important that an affordable venue exists for the development of new works. WCAF is the onl venue of its kind networking with playwrights, choreographers, composers', painters, poets and more, tooffer a place in which one can experimnent and produce newworks."

                                Anne Brebner