120 Minute - Original Musical Film

                               BACKSTAGE at the BLACK STAGE


Here is the story reversal of "Waiting for Guffman:" A play within a play, set in the 1970's. 

A black theater company is producing an all black  musical about George Washington Carver.  

Under attack by union Equity officer, Jeanay Rollins,  the Director is ordered to hire 5 White Actors.

They in return are ordered to "black-up" and play slaves. This creates a humorous reversal of situations.   

Associate Producer - Nathan Purdee

Margot Jones - Composer, Director. Lillabell Bird, Pancho Duck

  • 14:43

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Rebecca Nile  - Storyteller, Peter Piper, Purrina Kitten-Cat

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Charles Moselle -  Musical Arranger, Director, Musican,

Ravenous E. LEE the Wolf

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A Musical Comedy by Margot Jones

Corrine Kason - Witch Wickety, Fairyfoot,  JB the Hunter