Ruby Asquith Christensen's recollections reach from the early days of vaudeville, traveling across the United States in a 1934 Cadillac with the Christensen Brothers, to associations with Eugene Loring, George Balanchine, The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and the formation of the San Francisco Ballet. Her memories and encounters with Alicia Alonzo, Anges De Mille and Ezio Pinza are fascinating  and enchanting stories.  Encore for Ruby is laced with archival ballet footage from the late 20's and 30's. 

WCAF's 60 minute documentary, "Encore for Ruby", the story of an American Ballerina and the San Francisco Ballet was directed by Margot Jones and premiered on PBS throughout the nation. 

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ANNE BREBNER:  A pioneer of the theater - created with the help of George Lucas, the Rafael Theater for the Mill Valley Film Festival.  She was Northern California's major casting agent for such films as Star Wars and American Graffiti.   She was a friend of West Coast Arts Foundation and is greatly missed.

"As a Director and a writer it is important that an affordable venue exists for the development of new works. WCAF is the only venue of its kind networking with playwrights, choreographers, composers', painters, poets and more, to offer a place in which one can experiment and produce new works."

Anne Brebner

Announcing A New WCAF Project


An Original Musical Fairytale   

Audio Book / Animated Film Project

  • 1:56
  • pancho's song2:42
  • margo purina's lulla#191E253:06

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Margot Jones

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Written, Directed, Produced by Margot Jones for PBS

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WCAF alumni and scholarship students who participated in the   live action video clip for "Beneath the  Dragon Wood Trees."  

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Since 1998 West Coast Arts Foundation's mission and Primary focus has been to provide young artists with community based enrichment programs in music, dance, film and the performing arts.  As part of our commitment we take pride in producing programs that emphasize self-esteem and cultural pride.

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As a writer, choreographer, composer and director, I  wanted to create a story the whole family could enjoy. A story that melts together, all our favorite fairy tales into one great movie. A comedy filled with unforgettable characters.


Beneath the Dragon Wood Trees is an eBook and live action animated feature.  


Peter Piper, our aspiring hero, along with his talking animal pals, Purina, Pancho, and Lillabel, must conquer the villains of Ficklewood Forest. 


They must resist the terrifying, soul possessing spirits of the thicket, only to encounter Nanny Picklesickle,  the Wicked witch who captures children, enticing them with her sweets and spells. 

Then… a  fall down into the dreaded Boog-E Hole where they are pursued by giants, Morphus and Ortica, enormous gourmet chefs who like to  make stew out of innocent children and talking animals.