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Ballet Shoes
Dance Class

Help us keep kids dancing, singing, and achieving their creative goals.


A percentage of WCAF’S funds are placed in its scholarship/apprentice reward program. Honorees are presented in concert and awarded a gift at the end of each fiscal year. West Coast Arts Foundation has received support from: The Nevada, E. L. Wiegrand Foundation, Bank of America, Tiburon Branch, CitiBank San Rafael Branch, Channel 55 New York, The Marin Community Foundation, Larry and Laurie Klein, Richard J. Davis, The Fred Gillert Family Foundation and local businesses in our Community.


To apply for the WCAF Scholarship Fund, please contact Margot Jones, Artistic Director, to receive a scholarship application appointment. You can use our contact form, or call her at 415 235-8557.

To donate to the WCAF Scholarship Fund, please mail your check to: Margot Jones, Artistic Director, West Coast Arts Foundation, 145 Town Center #602, Corte Madera, CA 92025
or call her to discuss other ways of donating at 415 235-8557. WCAF is a 501c3. Donors will be special guests at a performance.



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Come and dance with Teacher Margot Jones! 

All classes are taught with an emphasis on ballet technique.

Margot Jones

Writer - Composer - Director - Choreographer - Author - Dancer - Teacher

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