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As a writer, choreographer, composer and director, I  wanted to create a story the whole family could enjoy. A story that melts together, all our favorite fairy tales into one great movie. A comedy filled with unforgettable characters. Beneath the Dragon Wood Trees is an eBook and live action animated feature.  


Peter Piper, our aspiring hero, along with his talking animal pals, Purina, Pancho, and Lillabel, must conquer the villains of Ficklewood Forest. ​They must resist the terrifying, soul possessing spirits of the thicket, only to encounter Nanny Picklesickle,  the Wicked witch who captures children, enticing them with her sweets and spells. Then… a  fall down into the dreaded Boog-E Hole where they are pursued by giants, Morphus and Ortica, enormous gourmet chefs who like to  make stew out of innocent children and talking animals. 

Purchase your signed copies from Margot OR click the retailer options below or by 
calling 415-235-8557 or emailing wjafdn @ yahoo . com

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Announcing A New WCAF Project

An Original Musical Fairytale Audio Book/Animated Film Project by Margot Elaine Jones


Part 1: In the BeginningPart One follows the adventures of a young black boy, Peter Piper, who dreams of winning a badge of honor in his village of Ficklewood Forest by performing a deed of great valor.


Part 2: Into The Boog-e HolePart Two continues the adventures of Peter Piper and his animal pals. Will he outwit the schizoid, whacked-out Wolf, Ravenous E. Lee? Find his way out of the Boog-e Hole? Outsmart Witch Wickedy and Nanny Picklesickle?

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Click to listen to THREE SONGS in the audio book.

More About the Book

Entertain the whole family with this original, musical, fairytale, trilogy. The book has QR Codes that allow you to hear the songs and music as you read along. ‘Beneath the Dragonwood Trees’ takes us into the woods on a journey reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Gretel, Peter and the Wolf, and even a hint of Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll. Original songs, musical score, and a magical storyteller guide us on our way in this Broadway-style escapade.


We follow the adventures of a young black boy, Peter Piper, who dreams of winning a badge of honor in his village by performing a deed of great valor. With his talking animal pals, he ventures into the enchanted forest, alive with magic, mayhem and mischief. His quest? To outwit the wacked-out wolf, Ravenous E. Lee. Peter must find his way around the dreaded boo-e-hole, outsmart Witch Wickety, Nanny Picklesickle and the Giants. And with the help of Fairyfoot, Sir Bumbles and his magic Rope, Peter is able to…. well, you’d have to read the story to find out!

In the end Peter learns a great lesson – badge or no badge friends and family are his greatest gifts.

Written story telling is at it’s best when it includes rich illustrations, a full cast audio recording with full orchestra accompaniment! And be sure to listen to the special bonus interview.

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WCAF alumni and scholarship students who
participated in the live action video clip for
"Beneath the  Dragon Wood Trees." 


CLICK on each photo to learn more about each person in the cast!

MARGOT ELAINE JONES - Creator of Beneath the Dragonwood Trees, Margot is the author, director, composer, illustrator, as well as one of the performers. Margot plays Lillabell Bird, Pancho Duck, and North Wind.


Margot Jones wears many hats – director, choreographer, screen writer, composer and producer.  Her PBS documentary, “Encore for Ruby” the Story of an American Ballerina, and the San Francisco Ballet traveled throughout PBS stations nationwide.


While in Los Angeles.  She learned the techniques of screen writing working at Anlac Productions for renowned Oscar winner, Stirling Silliphant.  She studied acting at the Comedia Repertory Theater in Palo Alto and played the student nurse in the now classic film Harold and Maude.

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CHARLES MOSELLE - Alumni of Lee Strasberg Acting Institute and California Institute of the Arts. Multi-talented Charles Moselle is our Musical Arranger, Recording Engineer, musician and character voice actor. He has performed in concert with Robin Williams and jazz luminaries, Stanley Clarke, Stan Getz, Bobby McFerrin, Eddie Henderson and Frank Sinatra Jr. to name a few. Charles performs the roles of Ravenous Wolf, Foogie Tree, Old Boom Oak, North Wind, and the Compass.

BUFFY FORD STEWART - Best known for her long career as a singer songwriter, Buffy Ford Stewart plays Grandma Piper and Maple Tree. She has also recently released a print and audiobook book The Blanket and The Bear: A Whimsical Story of the Endless Possibilities of Love.

REBECCA J. NILE plays Alessendra the Storyteller who brings our story to life, as well as Purrina Kitten Cat, and Peter Piper.

ESTHER CLYMAN performs the roles of Nanny Picklesickle, Otis the Hunter, and Fur Tree.

JEANNE LAUREN performs Ortica – the purple Giant, and Bonnie Jean.

CORINE KASON plays Witch Wickety, Queen Fairyfoot, and JB the Hunter.

OSCAR SALABERT performs the roles of Grandpa Vernon, Farfull Bear, Bucky the Hunter, and Morfus the blue giant.

BENJAMIN BOSSI plays Sire Bumbles, Whisper the Great, and Larch Tree.

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